The project

Hi, I’m Roberta, and my dream is to create a tool that every woman can use to plan her working experience abroad.

I’m deeply convinced that travelling and spending time abroad is a really good way to grow, to improve oneself and to reach new horizons.

Still, a woman, to be able to travel alone, needs some steady points, some certainties and a safe and confortable environment to relax when needed.

The “Sakura Project 30plus” project aims to provide women of all ages a virtual space to find easily contacts for an accomodation, a job and a group of people who act as interface betweeb the traveller and the local society, through her hobbies and her interests.


The “Sakura” cherry trees are famous all over the world for their amazing pink blossoming. Anyway, something that is less known is that the Japanese families, especially women, arrange trips to be able to follow these blossomings and enjoy their beauty, enriching their soul.

The flourishing time is short, so it’s easy to think that all the cherry trees of this variety do it at the same time, in every part of the world.

That’s why I have chosen to give my project the name of this beautiful tree: because travelling make us richer, and when a tree or a woman flourishes, also the other trees or the other women do that – making the world a better place.